Nest box: Tree Swallows

Cutting grooves along the top of the box is a great idea because it prevents Tree Swallows from sliding all over the place.

This guy's chest isn't 100% white so I wonder if he's a first year bird. The female also seems a little less colorful so I wonder if she's still getting her color. If you have any answers please leave a comment.

Tree Swallows do very little nest building and the box is lined with down feathers that the swallows collect. I have actually had Tree Swallows take down feathers from my hand and you should try it during the ‘nest construction’ phase.

It's a good idea to line the box with wood chips to speed up the nest building phase.

Does anyone know why Blogger rotates a picture back to the original format even though I've rotated it and saved it to a different file name????????? Sorry, until I get an answer you're gonna have to turn your head to see the eggs......

This year it has been pretty tough to check the nest because I have a feisty pair that insists on dive bombing me when I get too close to the entrance hole. They pose for photos while sitting on top of the box, but as soon as I come close to the entrance the dive bombing begins. They get pretty close to your head when they zoom by at a million miles an hour and they also made a loud cheeping noise.


Lynne said...

You'd better get your Packers helmet on when you check that box again!

Owlman said...

Lynne now why didn't I think about that?? I guess the fact that it's not football season - that's the only explanation. At the moment I am LOVING the international rugby that's going on. In case anyone cares the World champion SA rugby team (the Springboks) annihilated the 6 nation champs (Wales) over the weekend.

Dan said...

These are some pretty amazing pictures!

Owlman said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot - I love these birds and I wish my lens could keep up with them in flight. Watching them fly is rarely a cool sight. They really seem to enjoy zooming around and making incredible turns...amazing creatures and pretty to boot.