News Flash: Zick dough is crack!

It turns out that my post a couple of months back was spot on. It appears that Zick dough is in fact crack for some birds, especially the Eastern Blue birds. These birds seem to gorge themselves on protein rich food sources such as meal worms and Zick dough. Julie Zickefoose reports that in her experience Blue birds may have health issues (gout) if they eat too much Zick dough frequently. For more on this story from the famous Julie Zickefoose click here.

Based on Julie’s experience I would recommend offering Zick dough infrequently, especially if your Blue birds pig out on it. I offer mine in my two Woodpecker feeders and also a small amount on each of the platform feeders. The platform feeder dough gets gobbled up by the Crows, Jays, Titmice and Chickadees within a couple of hours. The dough in the woodpecker feeders generally lasts about 1-2 weeks which shows me that the birds are eating it in moderation.

This doesn't have Zick dough in it? Wassup wiff dat?

I think it’s important to mention at this stage, that research has shown that most birds do not depend on bird feeders as their primary food source and if that food source disappears that won’t starve, so don’t feel bad if your feeders empty out. Julie's case clearly illustrates this as the Blue birds returned to eating wild food once the Zick dough was no longer on offer. Again, I would say have fun with the feeders - keep them clean and take lots of pictures.
Here's another story on attracting wildlife from a very interesting blogger and fellow owl lover, the Camera Trap Codger that may be of interest to you.

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