Random sports moment: Springbok rugby

I am as passionate about sports particularly rugby, cricket and NFL football as I am about birding. At the moment it's the off season for the NFL, but luckily I have been watching a lot of international rugby. Most folks in the U.S don't have a clue about rugby so I wanted to show you some highlights from one of the most talented rugby players to come along in MANY years. Bryan Habana has mesmerized the rugby world with his speed and agility. The awesome thing is that he's the wing for the South African rugby team, the Springboks. Oh did I mention that the Springboks won the World cup last year?


ktmay said...

Hi, my name is Katie
Where are you now? Louisiana
> How long have you been birding?
May 2003
> How often do you go birding?
> What are your favorite birds?
buntings, cardinals, blue jays
> What's your rarest bird?
i saw an anhinga!
> Where did you see your rare bird?
in GA at a wildlife preserve near savannah
> What bird would you love to see?
the green jay!
> What's your favorite spot for birding?
the golf course behind my house, plus there's a nature conservancy half a mile up the road
> Do you keep a garden list of birds?
i'm not sure what you mean. i keep a journal, to see what birds visit my feeders. i'm an amateur!
> How many birds on your list?
hmmm, probably not too many. i just started keeping a journal. but i have a check list of every bird i have ever seen so far. i have a really nice book my husband bought for me. he's the one who got me interested in birding.
> What's the nicest garden bird you've seen?
i love red-winged blackbirds!
> What birds nest in your garden?
i don;t have much of a garden yet. we just moved into our new house this past december. i have a big oak tree out front though. i haven't seen any nests that i'd be able to reach and investigate though.

Owlman said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for stopping in and introducing yourself. I'm glad to see that your husband has converted you into a birder. Hvae fun and please pop back in when you get a sec.