Wordless Wed: Carolina Wren


Shellmo said...

I love the happy wren - great capture of him singing his heart out!

dguzman said...

Wow wow and wow. Nice pics!

Owlman said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the compliments - I love the Carolina Wrens. I was hoping to attract one to the nest boxes, but no luck so far. However, I have been lucky enough to have them singing all over the garden. They REALLY like the dead pine tree, as do many of the birds.

Stay tuned and thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.

Mary said...

Owlman, great photos! Carolina Wrens are one of my favorite birds that visit here often; however, I haven't seen one in several weeks! I sure miss the "tea kettle tea kettle" song every morning and evening :o(

Your house wren series of photos are so good!