Worldless Wed: Tree Swallow


Lynne said...

That's a WONDERFUL picture!!

Did you glue his feet down?


mon@rch said...

So glad you didn't change this birds colors! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Debbie said...

Just beautiful!

Eve said...

Hey owlman!! I was watching my tree swallows yesterday! There were two babies out of the box and at least two in the box too chicken to jump out! I was very comical! This morning they are all out testing their wings and driving mom and dad crazy!!!
Have a great day!

Owlman said...

Terrifying and beatiful - at least this year's pair are. They are actually VERY tame Lynne as long as you're not near the nest entrance. Once you head that way, you better watch your head - BIG time.

Thanks Mon@rch and Debbie.

Eve, sounds like a great time watching the little guys get their act together.

Thanks for popping in and commenting all.