Favre is definitely coming back - maybe

Well the Favre-ring circus continues as Brett has officially filed for reinstatement. The NFL commissioner is expected to rubber stamp the request today and Favre will need to wait 24 hours to report to camp. In the meantime the Packers’ president has flown down to meet with Brett and his agent, supposedly to ask him not to report to camp while a trade is worked on. The fact that Brett has asked for reinstatement is seen as a move to action by Favre, as the Packers now need to resolve the issue in short order or pay Brett to stay away. I wish someone would pay me $13 million to stay away from work…..

What’s next? Who the heck knows – stay tuned! If you like conspiracy theories check this out.


dguzman said...

Wow, your blog is way better than ESPN or whatever--football AND birds! I love it!

Owlman said...

Glad you're enjoying the Favre soap opera. This story has more turns than a Formula 1 race track. I still have no sense of where the ride will end. I have SUCH mixed feelings..... Now that Brett has come out of retirement (a mistake in my opinion) I think he should stick to his guns and play for a decent team that has a shot at the Super Bowl. Now I hope he doesn't take the $20 million bribe from the Packers to make him go away.

As I’ve said I understand the Packers moving on (to a degree), but they should give him a shot at being competitive if he asks for it – geeez the guy gave everything he had for the Packers. If he turns down the bribe money the Packers may end trading him to the Vikings (I would assume they’re VERY interested) in order to get something for Favre. The last thing they want is to pay him to sit on the bench and I doubt Favre would be at all happy about that.