Favre returns?

No room left on Lambeau field for Favre!

Pretty soon after announcing his retirement in March rumors started circulating that Favre was itching to come back. Favre said they were just rumors and the Packers didn’t comment saying there was nothing to report. Fast forward a couple of months and the Packers and Favre are in a full blown divorce. Favre is interested in coming back and he’s requested to be released, while the Packers are telling him that they’ve moved on and there is no spot for him on the roster. The Packers are backing their first round pick from 3 years ago - Aaron Rodgers. WOW, talk about a 360 turn around in one season. Favre took the Packers into the playoffs where we lost in overtime.
The Packers started training camp this weekend and Favre was asked by Ted Thompson not to attend while he looks for a team to trade Favre to. Obviously Favre is only interested in playing for a team with a shot at the Super Bowl, while the Packers won’t release him in case he goes to a NFC division rivals such as the Bears or the Vikings. By all accounts Favre would love to play for the Vikings as they are close to home and they have a realistic shot at the big time.

As a die-hard Packers and Favre fan I have such mixed feelings about this situation. Favre has said that the Packers management pushed him into making a decision before the draft. I don’t blame them, but at the same time you can’t blame Favre for feeling tired at the end of a long season. I also can’t blame the Packers for moving on, although it seems illogical to write off a guy like Favre with all that experience, especially considering how close you came to winning the ultimate prize in the NFL. Ok, let’s say you’re the Packers management and you decide to move on and you decide there is no room in the Inn for Mr. Favre. Is it fair to tie him down, only trading him to weaker non-divisional teams? Yip I know, its business and you can’t approach it from an emotional fan-based perspective.

What happens if they trade Favre to the Vikings and he hands them their first loss on opening night – not good. If you’re that worried about it, maybe you need the guy on YOUR team. The Favre saga continues and the two supposedly most interested teams (the Jets and Bucs) have played the discussions down, saying they are merely exploratory in nature. This begs the question: Will Favre be back and what will he be wearing?


Lynne said...

I wouldn't mind seeing him come to Minnesota. With the long standing Packer Viking rivalry I wonder how he would be received here though. It could be interesting.

dguzman said...

They'd never trade him to Minnesota, for the reason you stated: imagine if Favre beat them in their first matchup? The GB fans would FREAK.

Having watched Roger Staubach retire when he still had some left in the tank, then watching Aikman retire when he "just couldn't do it anymore" and was a shadow of his former self, I'd advise Favre to stay retired. I'm sure his enthusiasm and physical gifts, though not what they once were, could well help certain teams; I mean, the guy's a great player. But would any team really make it to the Super Bowl just because he joined? Just ask Joe Montana how things went for him in Kansas City. Sure, they made the playoffs, but it was a letdown-- even with Super Joe at the helm. As hard as it would be for him to do, Favre should get out while he's still able to walk around and have a great quality of life.

Owlman said...

Yeah, Favre won't go to the Vikings that's for sure. Apparently there is a possibility that a team could take Favre, say the Jets and then trade him to the Vikings. I doubt the Packers would be dumb enough to let that happen and they'll probably put a clause in his trade agreement that he can be traded to a divisional rivals within X number of years. That would make sense to me although I'm not sure whether they can do that. I also doubt that the Jets would want to be involved in a complicated cross trade unless they get something out of it. None the less an intriguing wrinkle.

I have to agree and disagree on Brett retiring. First off I think he should have stayed with the Pack two more years. After last year he came SOO close to the Super Bowl and he had a young super talented team around him. Also to go out on an interception in overtime at Lambeau is not the way it was scripted. Having said that, now that he's retired he should go out with grace - especially once the Packers told him that the ride was over.

Favre has always had a knack for doing things his way and it seems like he sees something we don't. He's filed for reinstatement and it looks like he's set to return to football. Let's see what happens.