Favre vs. Packers on opening night - maybe baby

Yip this whole Favre situation is filled with speculation and counter speculation. I have the NFL channel on 24x7 and I am constantly scouting news articles and still I have no real sense of where Favre will end up.

Supposedly the Packers offered Favre as much as $20 million over several years to stayed retired. Hmm, no why can't I land a gig like that. On another note it appears that the Packers are considering trading Favre to a NFC North rival such as the Bears or the Vikings. From all reports it seems like Favre's #1 choice is the Vikings.

That makes my head spin! The guy has been with the Packers his whole career and the BIGGEST rivalry in the NFC is probably between the Packers and the Vikings. I know the Vikings are close to home and Brett knows some of the training staff/offensive strategy, but him going to the Vikings will be a MAJOR blow to all Packer fans as well as to many Vikings.

I still like Favre, although I think he was best off retiring after telling people he was going to. I think he retired too early, but once he made that decision he should have stuck with it. There will be something missing when he suits up for another team, but I'll still be watching every snap and hoping that he pulls off another miracle season. I also wish all the best for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers in particular. This is a messy situation, but life often is!


Patrick Belardo said...

I don't follow football much, but I've always respected Favre as an athlete. This whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth though.

Owlman said...

I agree Patrick. I think the bad taste is a result of the magic/myth of Favre meeting corporate America. The guy has led the Packers for his whole career and they've had great results even though they haven't always had the talent to give Favre the support and protection to do what he does. Yes, he retired but at the same time how do you throw a guy like that out without even letting him try out for the position he successfully filled for almost two decades. Bear in mind that the guy has NEVER missed an NFL game during his NFL career. Considering the absolute beating that all quarterbacks take, that is the stuff that legends are made of. Favre has played injured so many times and played very well. This is definitely a direct factor that helped Favre to lead the youngest team in the NFL to the cusp of Super Bowl glory last year. Many of the young guys were quoted last year as saying that they don’t want to let Favre down. The reason – Favre never let the team down.

The sad reality is that something happened between the Packers' GM Ted Thompson and Favre and now he has been shut out. This is not just about his retirement it is about the history between Favre and Thompson dating back to the hiring of the new coach Mike McCarthy. Favre wanted the Packers to interview another potential coach and Thompson turned down the request. The way the Packers have treated Favre leaves a REAL bad taste in my mouth and I think it's a shame for all football fans, whether they are hard core or casual observers of the game. The fact that Favre has turned down $20 million dollars to stay away from the game, shows me that he’s not doing this for cash – he just wants another shot at the Super Bowl with a team that has a realistic chance at making the big time. He wanted to come back to Green Bay but that is not an option, so I don’t think you can blame the guy for holding out so the Packers can find him a decent team to play for.

dguzman said...

Favre in another uniform--I'm reminded of seeing Joe Montana in a Chiefs uni, or Emmitt Smith in an effing CARDINALS' uni! OMG, I didn't know if I'd survive that one.

It's sad that teams think individual players--especially a legend like Favre--don't matter. Even if he went out there and stunk it up, fans would still pay anything to see him, so I don't get why teams don't see the advantage in that. Obviously there were personal issues--otherwise they wouldn't have offered him so much cash to stay gone. That's just sad, man.

And if you're Favre, there's no friggin' way you're going to stay gone now! I mean, the Packers have just treated you like crap, despite all you did for them!

You just know that Favre is pissed now, fired up to find a team that will help him show the Packers what they gave up. And boy howdy, if it were the Vikes--ouch. A switcheroo trade with the Jets to the Vikes would sure sting the Packers mgmt--and I don't know if it's legal to put a no-div-rivals clause in that kind of a switcheroo situation.

Keep us posted, OwlMan!

Owlman said...

I have to agree - the Packers treated him like dirt. The bribe was an insult to him and to all the fans. Paying someone not to play is a disgrace!