Heat Wave

We are experiencing VERY hot weather and birding has been VERY slow. I have some Blue birds and Wrens still nesting and I wonder how they hang in there with the immense heat. Work has also been hectic so unfortunately I have very little to report at the moment - stay tuned.

BTW, the squirrel babies in the owl box are doing well. The one thing that I've learned about Gray Squirrels is that they are partly nocturnal. The mother squirrel frequently leaves the little guys alone at night. As the saying goes 'you learn something new every day'.

Stay cool!


dguzman said...

We've had unusually warm weather lately as well. The only birds I've heard on a consistent basis are American goldfinches and Carolina wrens.

Mel said...

Send some of the heat this way, we are in the middle of the winter on this side of the world!