Owl box empty

The squirrel family seems to have departed and the owl box is once again empty. One of my friends said that I should really refer to it as a squirrel box and a squirrel cam - I was less than impressed. Although the squirrel weren't the intended audience it was nice to see the owl cam in action and to follow the development of the little guys. I am hopeful that next year I'll be watching Screech owls not squirrels - time will tell.


dguzman said...

Hey, if you call it a squirrel box, maybe owls will nest in it.

Owlman said...

Good idea - squirrel box it is!

brenda-jean said...

We waited for two years after we built an owl box. Last week we were pleased as punch had a super cute reddish eastern common owl. Yesterday we didn't see him so at dusk tonight we waited for him to wake up as he has done for all of the week and he didn't. so we climbed up and looked at night and there was a 2.5 foot yellow rat snake in there. We are worried that he won't come back. He doesn't have a mate yet so even though it was obvious that the rat ate "something" we don't think it was eggs. Probably a small bird who was curious and climbed in the box. Could you please e-mail me with any experience you may have had that would shed some light on if you think he will return?