Favre & weapons of mass destruction?

As we enter turn 76 in the Brett saga it would appear that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel – maybe. GB coach McCarthy met with Brett last night in an extended meeting that lasted 5 hours. The Packers are set to have a press conference today and there is speculation that some sort of decision will be made. Honestly I remain skeptical, although I hope that this gets resolved shortly. I still doubt that Brett will stay with GB, although trading options seem to be few and far between. Brett’s first choice, the Vikings have remained mum on whether they would be interested in acquiring Brett. To add more chaos to the situation, Ari Fleischer is now part of the circus acting as the new spin doctor. Hmm, maybe the Packers will claim that Brett has weapons of mass destruction and try to kick him out of the NFL. At this stage ANYTHING seems possible.

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