The more you read the less you know

Obviously as a blogger I love technology and more specifically the internet. It seems like just about anything you need is now available on the internet including information. If you’ve been reading my blogging or even skimming through you’ll notice that the Brett Favre drama is at the top of my interest list at the moment. What has amazed me during the past few weeks is: a) the amount of information that is out there on the net and b) the huge amount of contradiction between the reports. Yes, we live in a new world and anyone with a PC and an internet connection can now voice their opinion and present their version of the truth. Sadly a lot of the ‘reports’ out there are merely opinion/speculation with some second or third hand evidence thrown in.

Don’t get me wrong, the Favre situation is more like a soap opera with very little real information floating around. This has made it VERY hard to get any sense of what will happen to Favre. Let me share some of the ‘news’ headlines with you to give you a sense of what’s being going on. Keep in mind that these headlines are all taken from the same time frame:
· Did Packers Offer Favre $20M to Stay Retired?
· Brett Favre May Take Packers $20 Million Offer, May Be Traded To Division Rival
· $20 million for Favre if he stays retired
· Brett Favre, Packers ordeal just plane messy; Jets still hanging in
· Report: Jets in talks to acquire Favre
· Jets interest in Favre said to be less than heated
· Jets Should Forget About Green Bay QB
· Favre turns down Tampa Bay and the Jets

The internet is awesome, but this illustrates that you can’t believe everything you read – especially not from one source. The irony is with more information we need to read more to filter through the garbage. In the case of Favre and the Packers, the truth is time will tell. I’m not sure if you ask Mr. Favre himself where he’ll be in a week that he’ll be able to tell you. One thing has remained constant – the Packers don’t want Favre back in the team and I think that’s a shame!

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dguzman said...

It's hard to know what to believe, and it seems like our "news" media is geared to just blathering on and giving opinions rather than just hard facts. And as bad as it is with the rumor-based pieces on sports subjects, the pieces on politics are worse, and the stakes are a lot higher. And that goes for the internet as well as TV and radio.