The unretirement club?

It looks like Mr. Favre will soon have some company in the unretirement club. Yip, it looks like Michael Strahan (NY Gaints) may be enticed back to the NFL. This new development is the result of Strahan's defensive end buddy Osi Umenyiora suffering a season ending injury during the Jets game. Based on initial reports Strahan is interested in coming back as long as long as the Giants can throw a decent amount of the green paper his way.

Favre and Strahan have a long history and they should have a lot to talk about during the unretirement club meetings (they need a better name for the organization - preferably something that makes a catchy acronym).

Strahan “holds the NFL record for sacks in a single season with 22.5, breaking New York Jets great Mark Gastineau's total of 22 in the 2001 season. Before the sack that enabled Strahan to set the record, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre spoke briefly with him. On the next play, Favre dropped back as if to pass, then suddenly scrambled towards the side that Strahan was rushing from, abruptly diving onto the ground, allowing Strahan to fall on top of him for an easy sack. After the play, during the ensuing celebration, many of the Giants' defensive players patted Favre on the helmet. At least one observer accused Favre of deliberately falling to ensure that Strahan would get the record.[1] Mike Freeman, New York Times columnist wrote: "Yes, Mr. Favre, Strahan deserves the record, but please, handing it to him the way you did, as if you were throwing change into a Salvation Army bucket, is the kind of mistake Favre may never live down."[2] Source: Wikipedia

Well I guess time will tell. Personally I hope Strahan comes back and kicks butt!

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