Distracted Catbird

I was walking around the garden today and I noticed a very distracted Catbird hunting insects on the farm path. I have farm land bordering my yard and Mr. Distracted was hunting on a path made by my neighbor’s lawn mower. Supposedly he has permission from the farmer to dump his lawn clippings on the farmer’s land.

I jumped over the split rail fencing and the Catbird pretty much ignored me, even though I was pretty close to him. Generally Catbirds are skulking around and it’s pretty tough to get close to them. This particular Catbird really wasn’t worried and I managed to get some decent shots.

After finishing up with the Catbird I decided to check the nesting spot it had used earlier this year. Now that the leaves have started to drop it’s amazing how different the nest looks.

When I found the nest earlier this year it was VERY tough to see the nest, whereas it’s pretty easy to find now. Hopefully next year the pair will return.

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