Do you have a favorite bird blog?

I'm always looking for new bird blogs and I thought this might be a good way to figure out what other people are reading. If you're scared of offending people tell me what your top 3 is. This is not a popularity contest just a way for me to see what's out there in the blogosphere. Click on the Comments link and get typing!


noflickster said...

This will sound weird: my favorite blogs don't get read immediately, it's quite the opposite. Most postings (I hate to say it) I read quickly then move on, the ones I look forward to I leave for the end of the day when I have time to pay attention. So, here are the three blogs I always read last:
- The Drinking Bird - excellent writing and vicarious birding
- A DC Birding Blog - birds and science, the environment, politics, and everything else, not to mention birding
- Art In Nature - simply the best photography you'll encounter on a blog

Many more, of course, I could spend all day doing this!

dguzman said...

Another vote for DC Birding Blog, and Mike's Birding and Digiscoping Blog is also excellent. I forgot how to embed links, but here's that address:

firephish said...

not really a blog, but i always enjoy the outdoorphoto.co.za avian gallery, especially at the moment since it is "stalking owls" month:


Meggie said...

One of my favorite nature/bird blogs is Nature Knitter...Ruthie Johnson from Rochester Minnesota. She blogs about many things including knitting, but most of her posts deal with wildlife. She is a very knowledgeable birder. You can find her on my sidebar if you care to visit her.

Owlman said...

Thanks for all the awesome suggestions everyone. I have beefed up my list based on your recommendations.