Eastern Phoebes

I've had a great time watching the Phoebe family cruising around the garden catching bugs of all flavors. The entire family is hanging out sitting on my blue bird boxes, hanging out in the mulberry tree, dead pine and the trampoline. The Phoebe’s didn’t use the platform I put up, but having them around this year has inspired me to build another one. Having flycatchers in your garden is AWESOME! Today I was very amused watching one of them chasing a small butterfly around. Sadly the avian was outmaneuvered by the butterfly, although it wasn’t for a lack of trying!

The Indigo Bunting spent a lot of time in this spot, although with him I think it was about convenience. He would cruise across the garden and land on his viewing spot. He'd make sure the coast was clear and then he'd pop down to the feeders.


Lynne said...

That's one cute little birdy!
It looks like a popular perch- lots of poo under it!

Owlman said...

Poo perch central? ;-)