Garden list: 70 up

I've been waiting quite a few months for my magic 70th garden bird......sadly my 70th garden bird turned out to be the Ovenbird that crashed into my glass door yesterday. I hope that the little dude made a speedy and full recovery. I'd love to get my garden list up to 100 over the next couple of years. I made a few landscaping improvements this year and hopefully I can continue these over the next few years.


noflickster said...

Congrats on #70, I hope it is doing OK wherever it is right now. One tip on increasing yard list birds: listen for nocturnal migrants! You'd be surprised about what's migrating overhead. This is assuming you're cool with "heard only" species that aren't actually using your yard.

Owlman said...

Interesting idea Mike, I never thought about that. I count fly overs, although I'm not sure what my official policy is as far as head only species. I'll have to call a meeting of the board to check on that one ;-)