Another new garden bird: Hermit Thrush

Well the good birding continues. I was out today still searching for the Black headed blue warbler (who seems to have moved on by the way Mr. Thick skull) when I noticed that the American Robins were furiously stuffing themselves full of Poison Ivy berries. As I was watching them a little bird popped in and I snapped a few pics before taking a look at him with my binocs. I initially thought it was an Ovenbird but then I realized that he was a little too red. I confirmed this when I looked at the quick pic I snapped of the back of the bird.

I stayed in the same spot for a while watching the Robins and I also had a few Yellow Rumped Warbler zooming around chasing insects. I tried taking a few pics but sadly this was the best of the bunch….

Interestingly Warblers also love Poison Ivy berries which I didn’t know and none of the Warblers ventured close to the Ivy berries. While I was watching the Warbler the Thrush popped back in and landed for a perfect quick photo op. For once my SLOW lens was able to capture the moment.

I was left with a warm and fuzzy feeling although I did miss a pretty decent photo op with a Pine Warbler earlier in the day. Oh well, that’s what tomorrow is for…..

If you interested in attracting birds to your garden I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this article – it lists berry trees and shrubs (How to hide a berry treasure around your home
National Wildlife, Feb-March, 1996 by Michael Lipske).


Lynne said...

Thanks for the excellent link. I've bookmarked it to save. Your last Hermit Thrush photo is prefect. It looks soft and dreamy around the edges which is how I always think of Hermit Thrushes. Sometimes hard to see, we hear them alot up at Hasty Brook. They love to sing especially in the late evening. Their song is the most beautiful bird song IMHO, and it adds to the dreamy quality of hearing them at dusk.

Larry said...

It's fun to hear your struggles in trying to get decent bird photos.-I can totally relate to that.-A workingman's photographer.-Hermit Thrush are a great bird to see.

Owlman said...

Lynne, glad you bookmarked it as it was packed with useful info - what a gem. For some reason I haven't heard the Hermits much and this is the first time I've seen them in the garden. I always wonder whether there's more food available in the garden or if I've just missed them all this time.

Larry, you nailed it. I'm definitely a workingman's photographer! With my super slow lens it takes a lot of patience and cunning to get decent shots, but I love it. Sadly I'm also a perfectionist and I always see the imperfections in every shot.