Awesome garden birding

This weekend brought some great birding to my garden. On Saturday I was working on making it tougher for the squirrels to get into the owl box. I added some extra flashing around the tree and I am also thinking about adding a bigger 'flashed roof' to make it harder for the squirrels to enter the box by jumping onto the roof from the top. Anyway, as I was finishing up I saw a little blue bird jumping around in the trees. I looked a little closer and I realized that it was a blue warbler. I knew I’d seen him in my bird book but I wasn’t 100% sure what he was. I watched him for another 5 minutes and then I took off to the house to get my bins. Upon returning the little bugger was gone! After flipping through my bird book I ID’ed the new Warbler as a Black Throated Blue Warbler – awesome a new lifer and garden bird for me! Determined to see him again I looked around on Sunday. Although I didn’t see him again, I did see a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker – a new garden bird for me. I've always been surprised that I haven't seen a Sapsucker in my garden and I'm glad the dry spell has been broken. I also saw some Golden Crowned Kinglets zipping around in the garden. Kinglets and Sapsuckers are both winter visitors to my garden and the cool weather shouldn't be too far off...

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