Do you know of any owlcam/owl box sites?

I'd like to add some links to my blog to other owlcam and owl box sites, so if you know of any please leave me a comment.


Beverly said...

Well, this is not quite the right time of year; but check out this Colorado site:


In a few months anybody can monitor Eagle, Falcon, Kestrel, Osprey and Owl nests! Awesome.

Congratulations on your Screech Owl...I hope it uses your box. Perhaps I should try such a thing...but there are so many squirrels around here! Wouldn't that be risky?

Owlman said...

Cool link, thanks a lot! I am so excited about my owl and I hope he/she uses the owl box this year. Squirrels are a PEST and a major enemy of mine. There are ways to deter them and I gave some ideas in my post today. In reality it seems like the Screech owls will chase the squirrels off if they want the box. Squirrels aren't a major threat to the eggs but raccoons and feral/outside cats are. I would say give it a shot and see what happens. Todays post has some ideas on box design unless you want to just buy one on the internet. The worts thing that will happen is it will stay vacant or you'll have squirrels in it.... Check out http://owlbox.blogspot.com/2008/10/building-screech-owl-box.html

All the best and good luck! Let me know what you decide to do.

Scott said...

have you seen owlwatch.org?