Favre Gate: Finally a critical look

I finally found an article that discusses the logical implications of Favre's conversation with the Lions. I couldn't agree with the article any more. Check it out here.

Personally I think this is just a case of the media manufacturing a controversial story. Sadly I have to agree with Dave when he says that "for the life of me, even after hours of soul searching, I can't figure out why so many people are so willing, even eager, to believe the worst about Brett Favre."


Barbara said...

Hi Owlman - thanks for the great article on Brett - I couldn't agree with it more! I also enjoyed reading Deanna Favre's blog entry regarding this issue. Here is a link...

That photos is fantastic - how did you get it??? Whatever equipment you have....I WANT! (notice I am blaming my lack of photographic talent on my camera setup and not the "photographer" :D)! That photo is one that speaks so many words to the viewer....without uttering a single one. Perfection.


PS I am sorry to hear you are not thrilled with the Pats....but I understand completely! Certainly I was not a Jets fan until Brett made this move...after all, our 2 teams have a great rivalry to uphold! But I admire your ability to hold your tongue and still be kind in your words! I will do the same....
Go Packers...Go Jets....Go Patriots!
How's that?! :)

Owlman said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for sending me the link to the Favre site. I had read about Deanna's post but I hadn't read it - wow how eloquent.

Honestly the photo was snapped pretty quickly. What I've found with photography especially scenery shots is that you need to think creatively about the picture. That's a real challenge for me. Rather than taking the picture from your normal position bend down a little and take the shot from the bottom. Try and look for something that's unusual. Someone that does that really well on a regular basis is LauraH http://somewhereinnj.blogspot.com/
Check through her blog to see some of the scenery pics that she’s taken – amazing! If you have a SLR camera play around with the settings. I generally have mine on P for program and I play with the focus settings as well as exposure. If you have a zoom lens then taking these types of pictures becomes easy, especially if you want to blur out the background. The key is to look at the picture as you’re taking it to make sure that there are no funny background colors and shapes that may be distracting. It takes lots of practice and sometimes the results can be spectacular. The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can take a zillion snaps and it doesn’t cost you anything. I generally take this approach and I only post my best pics on the blog. When I was still shooting film, I didn’t have this luxury and my results were generally VERY disappointing. If you don’t have a digital setup then I would recommend that you go that way. You can buy a cheap SLR like the digital rebel for pretty cheap these days. BTW, that’s what I use. I have a 75-300 mm lens with built in image stabilization which is also very cheap and not ideal for bird photography because it focuses very, very slowly. Having said that I’ve shot some decent pics with it. In reality the equipment does make some difference, but it’s all about patience and practice. Shoewee, long winded answer, I hope this helps.

Honestly my dislike for the Pats is primarily aimed at Belichick mixed in with a little tad of jealousy. Belichick also looked so sour and unhappy and last year he didn’t even look Mangini in the eyes when he shook hands with him after winning the game with a blow out. Mixed in with my dislike for him is the fact that the Pats have been so dominant for such a long period recently. That’s silly, but typical of a die hard fan…

Thanks for popping in and for sharing your thoughts - much appreciated!

Owlman said...

ROFL - I just realized I mixed your comments up.... This photo of Brett was 'borrowed' off the web. My comments about taking pics are related to your water droplets comment.

Barbara said...

Hey Owlman,

First of all thank you so much for taking the time to give me all the photography tips - it's very much appreciated!

I did look through Laura's site - yes, she has some awesome shots! Thanks!

I am working on framing my shots much more now and your advice about altering my position when taking them is something else I have been playing with. I especially like doing this with cloud shots - looking up - I have gotten some pretty good effects that way. I will continue to work on those types of things and again, I found your suggestions to be very helpful.

I do not have an SLR but it is something I am strongly considering for Christmas. I currently am using a Canon G9 P&S and have been practicing in Manuel mode and playing with ISO, Aperature, etc. It is getting easier but I still have a ways to go. I am frustrated by the lag time though and the lack of focus control in time to get the shot. This is especially true with bird photos.

Thank God for digital! I have been shooting over a hundred photos when I go out and am lucky to get a few that I like after I get home! This wouldn't have been possible in the days of film.

BTW you totally made me laugh when I read your response at first about the "Brett" photo. When I read how you snapped it so quickly I was taken a back for a moment. So when I read your correction about referring to the pine tree shot versus the Brett shot, I had to laugh AND give a sigh of relief - else I was going to feel REALLY incompetent as a photographer! :D

So on to tomorrow....Jets are playing at 1:00 and so is GB - on different networks and we are recieving both signals. Therefore, I will be making use of our TV's Picture in Picture feature! Pats are on at 8:00. Looking forward to a great football day!

Barbara said...

PS I totally agree with you about your statements regarding Belicheck - I was very disappointed in his behavior last year. I use to think he was a good coach and was even humble?! Last year cast him in a different light and not one we can feel proud of. Having said that, I like most of our players and their character should not be tarnished because of a coach who has "lost his humanity" on a quest to win. And as much as I disagree with that type of behavior....he indeed has created an unbelievable team - and in the NFL, that's the name of the game - the bottom line.

It's another reason why I really like Brett - he plays for the love of the game and not for the paycheck!

Finally, you are correct - the Pats have had more than their "fifteen minutes of fame" and certainly there is a human tendency to want the underdog to win for a change. I would normally be right with you...but of course, it's the Pats, and I live in New England. ;)

Barbara said...

What an afternoon of football! Brett did a great job and scored one for the Jets. I thought GB was going to do the same and upset the undefeated Titans.....but OT was not on their side.

A surreal experience....watching in "Picure in Picture" mode....Brett throwing and watching the Packers in "the small box" at the same time....too bad his passes weren't intended for the Green & Gold!

Congrats to the Jets, good try to the Pack....and keeping fingers crossed for the Pats!

Owlman said...

Yip, what a great weekend of football Barbara - the only thing that would have made it better was if the Pack won. They got way to conservative in overtime and paid for it. The Titans are a VERY strong team and the Pack hung in there with them and should have pulled the game out. The defense had some tipped balls that they should have caught and made the Titans pay. Now the Pack are 4-4 and looking at a tough road to get into the playoffs looking at the Vikings, the Bears and the Saints over the next 3 weeks. The Jets win another pretty close game against a decent team, which leaves me wondering how good they really are. They are now tied with the Pats at the top of the AFC East. Next they face the 2-6 Rams, followed by New England and then the Titans. It’s going to be a tough road and I’m not sure that the team is consistent enough to beat the top teams.

Sounds funny watching Brett and the Packers at the same time. I keep wondering what the Packers’ season would have looked like with Brett at the helm. Obviously its pure speculation, but the Packers are a super strong team with some of the best receivers in the game. With the strong offensive line and the experience between Brett and the GB receiving core where would GB be at this part of the season? Yes, Brett has thrown a LOT of interceptions with his new team, but a lot of those are related to miscommunication between him and the receivers. The GB receivers understood Brett’s abilities and they NEVER gave up on a play. I still think that GB lost a GOOD shot at the Super Bowl this season. Clearly Rodgers will be a decent QB in the future, but I don’t think that the Packers will make it to the Super Bowl this season. With Brett at the helm I personally think that the Packers would be in the Super Bowl this year. Shame on all involved for letting their egos get in the way. The NFL is about winning Super Bowls and I still think that number 4 gave GB the best shot at that this year. The NFL player roster changes so much year to year that there is never a guarantee that you’ll get a shot at the big one anytime. This year you have a SUPER strong team and a hall of fame QB that has the highest winning percentage of all NFL QB who wants to play for you - why would you send him somewhere else? It boggles my mind! NFL analysts comment how well Aaron is playing, BUT the Packers are 4-4. Playing well is one thing, winning is another. Favre has played pretty badly and inconsistently, BUT the Jets are 5-3. It’s about winning people, not looking good. Favre has played like a drunken sailor at times, but when it matters he drives the Jets down the field and they score points. Aaron has played VERY consistently but lacks the experience to know when to pull the trigger. Ok, I’m done venting.

Thanks for stopping in Barbara and sharing your love for football. It’s nice to have someone to chat to about this crazy sport ;-)