Fire prevention: You can help!

October is fire prevention month and I want to encourage you to change the batteries on your smoke and CO detectors. In New Jersey these are now mandated in all house and if you don’t have them in your house I would HIGHLY recommend that you run out to Home Depot or Walmart and purchase a couple. Smoke detectors have been so successful that it’s led to a high majority of both volunteer and paid departments’ call being “smells and bells”. Fire departments are running a lot more calls and luckily the majority of these are alarm activations from fire alarms. For most of us in the fire service the thrill is getting on the truck and hearing the siren and air horn blow, so we don't mind the positive change. Yip, we’re all kids that haven’t grown up and we love it! For some more information on smoke detectors here’s the link to Wikipedia, which includes some placement tips. Stay safe and enjoy Fall everyone!
Who needs boots, bunker pants and helmets when you can wear fashionable pink all the time?


RuthieJ said...

Is that your little girl? She looks like she's really enjoying herself!

Owlman said...

Yip, that's my little beauty. She still tells me she’s going to be a princess when she gets older…. You can actually see a bit of my son's head sticking out too. He's crazy about the fire trucks and cries every time I take him out - lol.

Erica said...

Fire prevention?

In South Carolina we had "Prescribed Fire Month." I've learned from working with the Bachman's Sparrow and the Northern Bobwhite Quail that a lot of birds need fire in the habitats regularly (not, of course, in our houses). I was attracted to the "fire prevention" tag on this post in a bird-blog.... Anyway, something to think about in terms of birds... reintroducing fire into the landscape.