Great Horned Owl Info

If you're fascinated by Great Horned Owls you need to check this out:

I bet there's at least one fact in there that you didn't know! Awesome post Beverly - well done.


Beverly said...

Awwwwwwww, Thanks Owlman!!!

Based on comments I've gotten, one who visited because of this post...I've corrected one miss-statement (regarding nesting) in my post. That shows ta go ya…one can’t believe everything they read!

I did the research, mostly online, and merely spewed what I’d found; it’s how I learn. I really appreciate folks who leave comments…especially when they set me straight!

Course, it’s especially fun when I find comments like this one. Thank you so much!


Owlman said...

Beverly - thanks for stopping in. No need to thank me, your post was VERY enlightening. I'm so glad you got some traffic from my site - awesome! I love getting comments too, so thanks for stopping in. I hope you'll come back soon.