Moving to winter

Coming from South Africa where the weather is pretty predictable and mostly warm to the US was a major change for all of us. The changing of the seasons still remains a source of excitement and enjoyment for me, even after having lived on the East coast of the U.S for nearly 10 years now. I still can’t believe that on January 19th I’ll have been in the States for 10 years –wow. Anyway, I digress.

I have been keeping track of non-scientific barometers of season changes for a couple of years now. This stared with the Tree Swallow’s arrival – my official start of summer and has expanded somewhat over the years. Last year I noticed that the Mulberry tree shed its leaves in one day. Last year mulberry day was the 8th of November and I’m wondering whether this will happen again this year or whether it was just a freak incident that happened. Today I saw my first Juncos in the garden and the little guys are back two days earlier than last year. Does this mean we’re going to have a colder winter with more snow – I hope so!

Say goodbye to Fall

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