Snow.....in October??


Lynne said...

HAHA! Better you than me!
I guess I missed Minnesota's first snow while i was in Cape May.

RuthieJ said...

Holy Crap Owlman! You guys really got hammered! Good thing your birdfeeders were filled.

Owlman said...

Hey Lynne and RuthieJ> The snow was beautiful and VERY unexpected. October is VERY early for snow in NJ. The snow was wet and very heavy and we had a lot of wires and trees down in the area. The amazing part of the snow was that snow fall amounts varied HUGELY even within small areas. We had about 3 inches and a friend of mine had all rain and he only lives two miles from me. Lynne, I still love the snow, so I’m happy about the early treat. Maybe I’ll be able to use my snow thrower a couple of times this year. BRING ON the snow baby, the African is ready to roll! RuthieJ, I’ve been pretty lacks about the bird feeders this summer and I’m hoping to bet better this winter. I’m hoping that the Redpolls will have an irruptive winter season and maybe I’ll get some at my feeder.

Owlman said...

I just found this slide show from the NJ Star Ledger which has some dramatic pictures of the snow storm

Eve said...

We got snow too Owlman!! We got about 2 inches and just up the road...26" hahahaha! I just hate it! Tell Lynne to hush up...it's no laughing matter!!! :-) Oh I guess I'll go tell her myself...now that she's famous and all!!

Owlman said...

HEy Eve a.k.a stranger ;-)

23 inches, now that's snow. I'm hoping we get hit with a big one this year. I want a 3 footer.

Barbara said...

Hye Owlman -
GREAT photos! I especially loved the simplicity of the top photo showing just the pine needles with the melting water droplets and the snow in the background. I could almost feel that cold crisp air as it blew through those trees - great capture!

I can't believe you already had snow - living just outside of Boston we were enjoying almost 70 degrees this weekend!!!

But like you, I do love the snow and enjoyed reading your description of it as you wait in anticipation! Yes, it's cold.....but you are right - it's also beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

Owlman said...

Barbara, just a matter of time until Boston gets smacked with a big one. You guys sure got hammered last year, while we got next to nothing. Pretty amazing that NJ got snow before you did. All I can say is BRING IT ON BABY, I’m ready for the white stuff!

Incredible photos shared by the Flickr community group - Owls of North America. Click on the play button to begin the slideshow - ENJOY!