Sparrow ID

Any takers on this Sparrow ID? Please click to view a larger image and add your thoughts on an ID in the comments box.


RuthieJ said...

I hope Lynne the sparrow expert gets the ID in before me, but I'm going out on a limb (with Sibley's help) to say this is a Field Sparrow with that beautiful white eye ring being the most distinguishing feature along with the striped head and unmarked, pale buffy breast.
I hear them all summer long here in Minnesota, but I'm pretty sure I've never actually SEEN one.
BTW-those are great photos!

Lynne said...

I'm going with Field Sparrow.

John said...

Field sparrow.

Mary said...

Hi Owlman,

I am probably the least qualified person to ID sparrows - they drive me crazy but I'll take a shot at this one. I've never seen this bird, but the white eye ring and the pinkish small beak makes me think it a Field Sparrow.

I'll be back to see how dead wrong I am :o)


kylos said...

i think its a field sparrow because of pink beak.

Richard said...

This is what I classify as an "IBB" - (Itty Bitty Bird). First impression is that it is a juvenile (first fall) or recently molted bird. Second thing is the prominent eye ring which to me saying a flycatcher. After looking through all my bird books I can't find any sparrow with this type of eye ring.

IBB's are my downfall especially in the fall.

Owlman said...

Hi all,

My impression was also a Field Sparrow, but it's lotsa fun having everyone chyme in on the ID - especially our resident Sparrow expert (Lynne). Actually it's a bit like a virtual birding trip with everyone taking a peek through the scope.

I actually never got a good look at this Sparrow I just snapped a few pics and figured I would ID it later.

Thanks for popping in.