Wordless Wed: October Snow


Beverly said...

Just so you know, you new-commer you...I've lived in Colorado now for several many years. The Denver area is hardly 'the mountains' ...in spite of it being a mile high.

But...I've seen it snow in June there! Here in Southern Colorado where I live now, I've seen it snow by Halloween nearly every year. We got 3" a couple weeks ago...but it's nearly 70 degrees out there today. I'm loving it...a beautiful fall this time!

They say if you don't like the weather here...wait a minute. LOL

I'm sure having fun visiting your site! Thanks.

Owlman said...

Yeah ok - snow in Colorado any time of the year makes sense. Jees, you have all the mountains around you and your cities are miles high ;-).

Jersey hardly ever gets snow and October - come on. I actually love the snow, so I'm not complaining at all. I want a 36 inch storm to blow through. It was fun seeing Fall leaves with snow on them, what a treat.

Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. I would love to see the Colorado mountains some day.