Yellow rumped Warblers

As promised here are some pics of Yellow Rumped Warbler. I found them in a Cedar stand which is a great way to snap some photos of these little guys, as they were a little distracted by all the food. They were eating Cedar berries as well as some cream colored berries from another tree. Any ideas on what it is?

What berries are these - I love 'em?


Larry said...

Hey Owlman, Nice pics of the Butter Butt! I think you have a Poison Oak there in the bottom photo. We have lots of them here in Northern California. The milky residue they excrete will make you break out in red bumps and itch like crazy if you are allergic to it. Some folks get it just by touching it... then it spreads!

dguzman said...

Love that perfect shot of his butter-butt!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Owlman,
Here's a hint: "Leaves of three, leave it be. Berries white, take flight!"
I'm pretty sure that plant is Poison Ivy and I found out by googling "white winter berries" which eventually led me to "poison ivy berries." They aren't toxic to birds though.

Owlman said...

Hey Larry,

Poison oak - I've heard about it but I didn't realize that it grew into such a big plant. The birds sure love this stuff!

Thanks dguzman, I took a LOT of photos to get the couple of sharp ones.

RuthieJ> I've heard the leaves of three but not the take flight bit - thanks. So far I've never been nailed by poison anything - touch wood (he leans over and taps his head) and I'm pretty sure it's just dumb luck. Supposedly some people don't get affected by poison ivy and oak, although I'm not going to find out if I'm one of the lucky ones.

Larry, Dguzman and RuthieJ - Thanks for stopping in and sharing your knowledge and thoughts with me. Blogging is so much fun when you learn new things evey time you post!