Funny Friday: The owl and the ...........

In case you've been living under a rock I have a wacky sense of humor and these videos really appealed to me. Don't worry; no actual owls were harmed during the making of these videos.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the humor, Owlman - I liked it - especially the second one! :D Life would be so much less enjoyable without laughter!!!

So tomorrow - all three games are on at 1:00pm - ugh! Loved it last week when I could watch all 3 - now I will have to settle for score updates on the Packers. I think I can get both the Pats and the Jets but I will likely be at a football social so I don't think they would appreciate me channel surfing (esp. since most Patriot fans hate the Jets!!!!) :)

So you'll have to let me know how Brett plays....hope he is totally on and ready to roll right over those Rams!

Lynne said...

Hey Owlman- Good game this afternoon!
Wearing my purple with pride!


Owlman said...

Hi Barbara,

Favre had a decent game while the Jets' defense looked awesome.

Thanks for rubbing it in Lynne. I watched the game highlights/low lights and I am really disappointed in the Packers’ performance. I know I sound like a broken record, but I still think that having Brett in GB would have been a major boost for a very good team. Rodgers is playing good conservative football that isn't winning us games. He doesn’t have the experience to know when to pull the trigger and GB is suffering for it. Yes, he will learn and get better but (and this is a BIG but), football is about winning the Super Bowl. I still maintain that Brett Favre at Green Bay would have given us the best shot at a Super Bowl this season…. Congrats on the win, I’ll be licking my wounds this week. Next week we face the Bears and I have a friend who’s a fanatical Bears fan. I hope we can pull that one out…

Thanks again for popping in ladies!

Beverly said...

Those were great, Owlman! Sometime ago, I put up a couple of MY favorites...which you might enjoy, too:


Thanks for the giggle!