Having cheese in your head is bad!

Ok, so Favre’s unretirement would have been a little messy for the Packers to handle. They promised Rodgers the job and then the old guy comes back. Having said that I’ve always thought that the Packers made a mistake when they let Favre leave or kicked him out, whichever version you prefer. When Favre left for the Jets I honestly thought he had lost his marbles. The JETS? Come on these guys have been stinking up the place for years and years. Favre played a few bad games while getting used to the new system and team mates, but now the Jets are at 8-3 at the top of their division!! They have also managed to knock off the only unbeaten team, as well as a multiple winning Super Bowl team.

Nope, not all their success can be laid at the door of Favre, but you can’t honestly say that Chad Pennington would have taken the Jets to this record. ALL the Jets players have commented about how Favre has motivated them and made playing football fun again. Sigh! If you compare the Jets to the Packers you can CLEARLY see that the Packers are missing a key ingredient…….who could that be? All I can say is take the cheese out of your head Thompson and man up that you’ve made a mistake. I think Favre will take the Jets to the playoffs in 2008 and they’ll make a serious run at the Super Bowl with Favre in 2009. I’ve been right this season, so who’s to say it won’t happen again. Remember even a blind squirrel finds a nut.


Barbara said...


I couldn't have said it better, myself! I am also THRILLED that the Jets are leading our division (and of course until this year your Jets were our enemy!). With Brady out we have a "super bowl" team without a super bowl quarterback. The Jets have a super bowl quarterback without the team....but looky looky what has happened under Brett's leadership! WOW! I hope that Brett takes you all the way....

I truly felt bad for Rodgers the other night, though. Poor kid - just "got the job" at the wrong time - none of which is his fault. He is in over his head but again, not his fault. For a first year QB he is doing OK. But to have the worst game of his life on Monday, when the whole COUNTRY was watching and "comparing"....boy, no one had to feel worse waking up Tuesday morning than him. :(


Cindie U. said...

My husband and I are football fans (Bengals, Colts, Steelers)(no apologies) and we're following the Jets this year because of Favre. What he's done for that team is amazing.

Owlman said...

Barbara, I couldn't agree more. I don't blame anything on Rodgers and he is doing an amazing job. The fact is that he is a rookie and Brett has ALL the experience in the world. I think Rodgers will develop into an amazing QB, but having said that I still maintain that with Favre at the helm the Pack would have a serious shot at the Super Bowl.

Cindie, glad to see that you’re enjoying Favre as a Jet. I was very ambivalent when he came back, because I thought that it would be a disaster, especially given that he was going to the Jets. The JETS? He even admitted that he didn’t know what their record was in 2007. ROFL, that is just Favre in a nutshell! The guy is a normal down to earth super star that sometimes messes up. He’s a gunslinger and you take the good with the bad. So far this season has been much more good than bad.