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Barbara said...

Okay this "comment" isn't exactly pertinent to this blog post but.....saw this photo of a Snowy Owl and thought you might enjoy it...

And now I feel guilty for going off topic...so I'll also respond to the poll and topic.

I've met several people face-to-face that I initially got to know from the internet. All were hobby related and it's great to form fun friendships with people who share similar activities. All have been nice people who are now friends except for one.

So I would say the internet is just like life...be open to meeting new people and learning from each other. Enjoy friendships as long as they enhance your lives...but be careful and don't believe everything you "read"!

In all cases I met these people with others present for the first time - maybe that's more of a woman's issue, safetywise. Although certainly it's good for everyone to be cautious these days.

Owlman said...

Thanks for the link Barbara - the photo is awesome. The site actually has incredible photos on it!

I hope we have the opportunity to meet in person one day and I totally agree that caution is a good idea whenever you meet someone new.

Thanks for stopping in and for the 'chatty' comment - much appreciated!

Barbara said...

So how fun would it be to meet at a Jets/Pats playoff game???! Of course, the Jets would win and then it would be a Superbowl to remember! Better yet, yah, let's meet at the Superbowl - we would be the New Englanders wearing PACKERS hats while cheering on the Jets! :D We could start a bird club for football fanatics - it's too cold to do field trips in January, anyway! ;)

Back to reality....
A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Owlman said...

Hi Barbara,

Wooow, I would love to see the Jets in the AFC playoffs although I remain skeptical. They are a really good side this year, but I honestly didn't see them in the Super Bowl this year. Having said that they beat the Pats and the Titans so they are a decent time. Let's see what happens the rest of the season. At it stands Brett has solidified his star status regardless of what happens IMO.