Jets vs. Patriots

Thursday night is the BIG game for Favre and the Jets. On the line is the top ranking in the AFC East. "Until we beat these guys, knock 'em off the top, they'll always be the team to beat," Favre said. "I know exactly what this game means, the weight it carries."
Make sure you catch the game on the NFL channel!


Barbara said...

I am soooo drooling for tomorrow night! There is only one thing that could make it better and that is if Brady was on the field! The NFL's top two QBs....what a showdown THAT would be!

Honestly I can't decide who I want to win... I am so torn! Well, either way I will be happy but there is a huge part of me that is saying "Gooo Brett.... all the way"! To be fair, I think I will alternate quarters wearing my #4 hat with my Cheesehead... both go nicely with a Pats jersey! ;)

Which reminds me of the first time they met this year.....Cheeseheads in the Meadowlands???!

Enjoy the game!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Speaking as a long time Packer fan (yes, even after Sunday's miserable showing) I really don't care to watch what's his name, Brett who? I donated my #4 Favre jersey to Goodwill after his adolescent actions of this summer. Bought a Rodgers to take its place.

Owlman said...

Barbara, what a game! Brett showed his stuff and really led the team to victory.

Ncmountainwoman, sorry to hear that you no longer support Brett. Honestly I think there are two sides to every story and I don’t think that Thompson and McCarthy are blameless. Yes, Brett should have made his decision clearer and maybe he should have taken longer to decide where he stood. According to him there was pressure from Thompson et al for a decision. They’ve denied that, which is a no brainer. The fact remains that Brett loves football and his passion has inspired a new team. He’s managed to fit into the new team VERY quickly and he’s taken them to a record of 7-3 leading their division. Can you honestly say that the Packers made a good decision? Do you think the Packers would have had a better record with Favre at the helm? I realize you need to build for the future, but you also need to win Super Bowls. The Packers have several core players that are getting into the senior ranks and you have to wonder how many years they have left. I think the Pack team is loaded with skilled and experienced players and they would have had a good shot at getting into the Super Bowl this year with Favre. Sadly egos got in the way and they couldn’t meet on common ground. I agree that Favre is to blame, but I also think there are a lot of circumstances and actions that led to him leaving/being forced out of Green Bay. Honestly, I doubt we’ll ever hear the full story from either side. What I admire about Favre is that he’s moved on and taken his passion, in turn inspiring a young team to new heights. I think the Jets should make it into the playoffs, although I doubt they have a realistic chance of getting to the later stages of the playoffs.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting ladies. I hope the Pack rally to get into the playoffs. At the very least they better beat the Bears this weekend or I'll never live it down with one of my best friends.......