The Super Bowl of Birding

It’s very appropriate that someone who loves football and birds as much as I do will be participating in the Super Bowl of Birding. The event is held in Massachusetts in January, so it should be a chilly but exciting trip.

Luckily for me I’m entering the world of competitive birding with an amazingly experienced and talented team:
Patrick from The Hawk Owl’s Nest
Corey from 10,000 birds
N8 from the Drinking Bird (status: definite maybe)
And lastly our fearless leader, Christopher from the Picus Blog

As you can tell our team is made up 100% by bloggers and we are currently working with a NYC marketing firm to come up with an appropriate branding identity. Ok so maybe not so much with a marketing firm, but more a discussion amongst the team members. If you have any cool ideas for a team name please drop me a comment. Another thing you may have noticed is that the team is testosterone loaded, which is a result of availability rather than design. Several female bird bloggers were invited, but couldn’t make the trip.

I am very excited about making my way up to MA to check out all the winter gems. This year appears to be a great irruptive year for Snowy owls and Christopher has already spotted several owls including 3 owls over the weekend. Come on baby, let the games begin!


Lynne said...

Sounds like a great group of Maniac Birders!

Christopher said...

I'll be curious to hear what other blog-related team name ideas come in. I still like the "Bloggerhead Kingbirds"
Perhaps next year we'll have a less 'testosterone-laden' team.
Can't wait to have you all come up for some coastal New England birding!
I'll try to keep the Snowy Owls front-and-center for you!

Gallicissa said...

What a start studded line up, Owlman!

As for a team name, how about "The cleaners"...as you will end up cleaning up most of the target birds with your collective expertise.

Patrick Belardo said...

It's going to be a blast. I can't wait!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the update on Brett! I can't agree with you more...Brett should be a Packer and yes, I think they would be solidly on top if that was the case.

Well this Thursday night is the conference showdown....and I heard that Ty Law just signed to play for the Jets - that hurts. He was a great player for us - grrr!!! I also read that the Packers are losing Nick Barnett for the remainder of the season due to his injury on Sunday - what a blow to their defense! :(

Glad to hear you are venturing up to our state to enjoy the Birding Superbowl. A friend and I have been thinking of attending ourselves, but we would be in the indoor blind for the novices as she and I aren't at a "competition" level yet! Who knows, maybe we will run into each other. Now if the Pack, Jets or Pats are headed for the super bowl, we will be the two birders in football attire I would assume?! :D

Superbowls - yah, best time of the year!!!

Owlman said...

Hi all,
Thanks for popping in.

Lynne it should be a blast indeed! I went on a day trip with Patrick, but didn’t get to spend much time with him as he was leading the walk, so it should be cool catching up with him. We’re all catching a ride down in one car so the trip should be pretty cool. I wonder how long it will take if we stop for bords along the way…….

Amila, I like your suggestion although it may come over as a little overconfident. Based on the experience level of the team, I'd expect us to do pretty decently. If we could think of a pun on a bird name we could use the cleaners as a name and we’d all secretly know what it REALLY meant ;-)

Christopher and Patrick, can’t wait to see you guys and to do some hard core birding. Christpher tie the snowy owls down if you have to bud.

Hi Barbara, you’re really up on all the news. I missed Barnett and Law’s news. I’m not sure that Law will be such an asset for the Jets, given his age. The loss of Barnett for the Pack is MAJOR, although I’m not sure that they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs anymore….maybe as a wild card team. Hey, you never know the Giants were a wild card team last year. If the Jets win tomorrow night they are lining up for a bye during the playoffs which would be AWESOME for them.

Barbara said...

Did you HAVE to mention the GIANTS???
::licks wounds::

Don't count Ty Law out....let's face it, he's 5 years younger than Brett!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Blogging Crowned Kinglets?

Kathiesbirds said...

Now, if I could just get my husband to have your attitude about birds and birding...

Kathiesbirds said...

BTW, I would DIE to see a snowy owl! I am from NE and I didn't know they even came down that far!