Confuzzled: Fashion & Phones

We live in a fast paced complicated world so I figured I would share some things that confuse me with you and maybe you have some answers for me.

Tonight I was flipping through channels and I came across a fashion show. Turns out they had amazing young ladies walking down the runway and all them looked VERY, VERY unhappy almost to the point of being lifeless. So tell me, why would you get some of the most beautiful women in the world and then put makeup on them that makes them look terrible and order them not to have any facial expressions whatsoever-I'm confuzzled!

Next thing that confuzzles me-when you call just about any company the system asks you to enter your phone number/account number and then the first thing that the human asks you is that number. The weirdest thing is that they DON'T have the number because they regularly ask you to repeat the number while they're typing....so, wassup with that?


Cruising looking for lunch

She/she looked like a Sharpie to me - you agree?

Pop in and say hi

For those of you who haven't done so, please pop in and introduce yourself. I love reading about your birding background and it only takes a few seconds.

In case the hyperlink above doesn't work just copy and paste this address into your browser:

Owl box: Open house


This wonderful home is located in NW New Jersey only a short flight away from a small meandering creek. The box is located on just over 1 acre of land that features bird feeders providing more than adequate hunting opportunities. The property backs onto a large farm which offers tree cover on the edge of large grass tracts.

The owl box is well maintained and features state of the art flashing security above and below the box. In addition, the landlord has installed a state of the art monitoring system that alerts him of any unwanted intruders such as squirrels. The landlord has over three years of experiencing dealing with squirrel evictions.

Recent upgrades to the box include an internal perch as well as a fledgling perch that will be installed prior to the owlets leaving the box. All interested parties please contact Owlman at 1 800-SCREECH-OWL. The sellers described himself as HIGHLY MOTIVATED.

Poll update: 4 days left, 25 votes counted

As you may be aware I have a poll up on my blog asking whether dogs should be allowed in wildlife areas. To check out the background/inspiration for this poll click here.

So far the voting has been MUCH higher than the previous poll (birding with your spouse) and unlike the previous poll it has been VERY one sided. We've had 25 votes with the vast majority voting 'No'. I'm enjoying the poll feature and I hope you that in the spirit of 'Super Tuesday' you'll cast your vote on my poll. If you have any ideas for the next poll please drop me a note. 19 days left in the current poll so cast your vote and spread the news.


On a lighter note

Gender roles: Changing the 'rules' slowly

Stuff seems to change so fast that it takes me by surprise when peoples’ attitudes don’t keep up with what I perceive to be reality. Woow, talk about an intro. Be warned I am going deep tonight with this post. For some reason I’ve had this post running around in my head and maybe putting it down on 'paper' will clear my head.

Actually the attitudes that I am referring to pertain particularly to my status as ‘stay at home working dad’. As I mentioned in one of previous posts that status allows me the privilege of looking after the littlest member of our clan on a full time basis while mommy is at work. He spends time hanging out with me, while I make money working on the computer. I think this is a great deal, although there are moments when it is tough to balance being a dad and business person - especially when you have a conference call coming up in 15 minutes and the little monkee doesn't want to fall asleep for his regularly scheduled nap.

Ok, so third paragraph and you're still wondering what I'm on about, right? What annoys me is how many people are amazed and sometimes skeptical that a man can and does take care of kids while the woman is at work. The other day I was dropping a Fedex package off and the woman remarked that this must be daddy's day to watch junior. I replied that every week day is daddy's day. She looked like she had just witnessed the second coming..... I get the same thing when I go to the pediatrician. If my wife is with me, they almost exclusively speak to her and then when she asks me a question related to his routine they look very puzzled.

Maybe I'm being silly and this is as uncommon as people make it out to be. I figured with telecommuting being pretty prevalent that my scenario would be pretty common. Maybe I should be flattered by peoples' responses. What annoys me is that they automatically assume that men aren't good care givers and based on my experiences with my friends I think it is totally incorrect. Yes, some men do portray the average stereotype, but most of them don't. In fact in some cases I think my guy friends are more calm and collected when it comes to dealing with crying infants.

For the most part I try to keep my posts related to birding/nature, but I needed to get this off my chest. If you're still reading I look forward to a quick comment or insight.

Purple Finch Fiesta

I'm not sure what the actual number requirement for a Finch fiesta is (any ideas??), but today I counted 5 females and one male Purple Finch at my feeders at the same time! To date I have had one straggling female and I haven't seen a single male. This has been the first winter that I've had Purple Finches at my feeders so my excitement level is pretty high.

Building a new nest

Working for a small business is awesome! Being a 'stay at home working dad' is even more incredible. For one thing there is no need to get dressed for the office, just flip on the PC and start working, but this pales in comparison to seeing your kids grow up in front of you on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to have my daughter with me from 3 months (when mommy went back to work) until she started pre-school at 2 and 1/2. I am hoping to spend the same quality time with my little man...

Recently I bought the business that I had been working for which is great, except that I needed to move my office to my basement. Enter the second part of my title 'dad'. I am the one who looks after my little son, who is currently a very mobile one year old. This means that there is NO way I can let him run around in a basement that is not properly set up. This is the main reason why I haven't been blogging, in fact is it the main reason why I haven't even turned on a PC for much of the last 10 days. Last Sunday a buddy and I started part 1 of the basement construction project. Hopefully you enjoy the pics, trust me the spackling and sanding was NOT a lot of fun. Having said that the final product looks excellent and I have my PC's back up and running, although there is still a lot of spackle dust in the air....

Part 2 will involve closing off the second half of the basement and that should start within the next couple of weeks - stay tuned! This is the first time that I have attempted something like this and I am VERY pleased that I managed to pull it off in record breaking time. Having a nice office for me and the little monkee is awesome.

Move that $^&%$%^&$$%&&*(((%%##@@!! heavy couch, who me?

Framing in the utilities

Spackling-Arrrggh. Door look awesome though

Painted and moving in

Part 1 complete