Sandy Hook Birding with Patrick Belardo

I met my first cyber birding buddy on Sunday when I went on a birding trip with Patrick Belardo from The Hawk Owl's Nest. Patrick was leading a beginners birding trip at Sandy Hook and he asked if I wanted to tag along for the morning. I promised to be well behaved and for the most part I was..... at least there were no complaints that I am aware of. As usual I was sporting my Green Bay Packers cap so it was easy for Patrick to ID me. For those of you wondering, I wasn't wearing my owl mask ;-)

The highlight of the trip for many of us did involve an owl when Patrick managed to mimic a Barred owl and one called back. I joked that Patrick had a mate somewhere in the marsh calling back although the owl sounded pretty real. Below I a pic of Patrick giving more details about the Barred Owl.

The trip was a roaring success and we ended up 47 species including Osprey, Common Loon, Glossy Ibis, American Oystercatcher, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Brown Thrasher, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Brown Creeper, Blue-headed Vireo, Yellow-rumped Warbler and Eastern Towhee. For Patrick’s trip report click here. Also check out Kevin Duffy’s great photos. Below are some photos of Osprey I took on the way out.

Although the weather was gray and chilly in the morning it was still an awesome birding trip and hopefully I'll be able to make anohter couple of trips with Patrick. For those of you who haven't been to Sandy Hook make sure to check it out!