Keeping track of the arrivals and departures

A few years back I started making note of when the Tree Swallows arrived in my garden. As I've mentioned previously, Tree Swallows signal spring to me. What I've noticed is that the Swallows are in fact pretty regular in their arrival dates. Generally a scout will arrival a few days prior to the rest of the gang. They then spend 2-3 weeks cruising around with very little nest building activity. They then seem to leave the garden for 2 weeks and then return to really begin nesting. This behavior seems to be pretty consistent year to year. By the way, the initial period is also marked by much posturing with the Blue Birds who don't mess around at all. These guys mean business and they lay eggs as soon as the weather warms up.

Here are the arrival dates for the Tree Swallows:

This year spring seemed to be VERY late although the official harbingers of spring were only 5 days late by my unofficial time keeping! Do you keep dates of arrival and departures? Departures are much tougher than arrivals, so I am expanding my arrivals to Chipping Sparrows (spring) and Juncos (winter). I am also adding the first Blue Bird egg to my list. This year I had my first Blue Bird egg on the 23rd of April.

If you do anything nearly as crazy as this please let me know. PS: In case you're wondering I'm NOT an accountant or financial planner.


Wordless Wed: Spring Nesting

Is this blogging burnout?

For some strange reason I haven't been blogging much the last week and I don't feel very motivated to get back on the bus. A similar thing happened to my corporate blog and I haven't picked that up yet. I enjoy this blog a lot more because I have more freedom to express myself. All the feedback on the blog has been awesome and I've had fun up to now. Could it be that after 6 months I've run out of things to say? Don't get me wrong work has been busy and pretty stressful the last 2 weeks but that is no excuse.... I guess this is just a case of getting back on the blogging bus - consider this post the first step.