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House Wrens: The invasion begins

I love House Wrens and I have at least 4 pairs nesting on my 1 acre property. I'm not sure what the average nesting density is for these feisty little birds but all I hear when I go outside is baby Wrens cheeping. Don't get me wrong I love these guys, but even I have to draw a line somewhere. I looked out at my very empty feeders this morning and noticed a House Wren sitting on my well worn (not run down) cottage feeder. While I was watching her she slips onto the feeder and then disappeared inside. Hmmm, she must be looking for bugs in there I thought. Next thought was that I need to get my lazy %$#@*(&&^ ass out there to fill the feeders back up.

Mrs. Wren (I assuming she's married) left and then came back, this time she was armed with nesting material. No way missie you're not taking over the feeders. I know I've been a bad boy and the feeders shouldn't be empty, but this particular spot belongs to all birds. I'll be evicting the new arrival shortly. Here are some action shots of mamma-to-be (but not in this location) in action.


Finches at a Hummingbird feeder?

My brother in law sent me some pictures of House Finches at his Hummingbird feeder. I thought it was VERY strange when he mentioned it to me, but I came across a few examples of this on the net. Have you ever seen or heard about Finches at Hummingbird feeders?

He even took the little landing perches off the feeder and the Finches still managed to cling onto the fake flowers....flap flap flap
He does also have Hummingbirds. Any takers on an ID for this little dude?
Hey what's a Finch doing here? Flap off buster!
Thanks for the pics J!

Nest ID: Habitat hint

I have some great guesses so far and I wanted to give those of you out there racking your brains a pretty decent clue. Here's a picture of the habitat that I found the nest in. Nest location is circled. By the way, this seems to be an awesome nesting season my yard. I found a nest in progress today, so hopefully I have some egg action soon.

Come on take a guess!


ID needed: Who's eggs are these?

My garden bird list is currently standing at 69 and I wonder which bird will take me to 70. I am still waiting for my Bald Eagle fly over......

I found a new nest in the garden from a species that has never nested here before and I wanted to test your egg ID skills.

Can you tell who's eggs these are?

Come on - you know you want to take guess.

Click on the comments link below and take a stab!

Wordless Wed: Tufted Timice

Cool bird, weird name. I've heard people say 'look at that Tufted Titmouse'....incorrect but more logical than Titmice.

For more info on this cool little bird, check this out.
I'm never wordless, even on a Wednesday ;-)


Random sports moment: Springbok rugby

I am as passionate about sports particularly rugby, cricket and NFL football as I am about birding. At the moment it's the off season for the NFL, but luckily I have been watching a lot of international rugby. Most folks in the U.S don't have a clue about rugby so I wanted to show you some highlights from one of the most talented rugby players to come along in MANY years. Bryan Habana has mesmerized the rugby world with his speed and agility. The awesome thing is that he's the wing for the South African rugby team, the Springboks. Oh did I mention that the Springboks won the World cup last year?

Are you out there?

I love reading about other birders, so please take a minute and introduce yourself. Also please feel free to add any other info.

To introduce yourself please click here. Copy and paste the questions into the comments box and type your answers below - EZ and quick!

Nest box: Tree Swallows

Cutting grooves along the top of the box is a great idea because it prevents Tree Swallows from sliding all over the place.

This guy's chest isn't 100% white so I wonder if he's a first year bird. The female also seems a little less colorful so I wonder if she's still getting her color. If you have any answers please leave a comment.

Tree Swallows do very little nest building and the box is lined with down feathers that the swallows collect. I have actually had Tree Swallows take down feathers from my hand and you should try it during the ‘nest construction’ phase.

It's a good idea to line the box with wood chips to speed up the nest building phase.

Does anyone know why Blogger rotates a picture back to the original format even though I've rotated it and saved it to a different file name????????? Sorry, until I get an answer you're gonna have to turn your head to see the eggs......

This year it has been pretty tough to check the nest because I have a feisty pair that insists on dive bombing me when I get too close to the entrance hole. They pose for photos while sitting on top of the box, but as soon as I come close to the entrance the dive bombing begins. They get pretty close to your head when they zoom by at a million miles an hour and they also made a loud cheeping noise.