Funny signs

I had to take a picture when I saw this one!

I think they'd return this slave after an hour....she doesn't stop talking so she wouldn't be very productive. I love the worried look! In case you're wondering she can't read and I didn't tell her about the sign. If she has my sense of humor she'll get a kick out of it in a couple of years. We were in Lancaster County, PA (Amish country) and being a girly girl she had to have one of the little flowery bonnets. I think it looks hysterically funny and we got a couple of weird looks from people, which peeked my sense of humor even more.

Naked as a Catbird

The baby Catbirds are here and they are terrible ugly…yet cute at the same time. I managed to snap a few pics although mamma gave me a lot more attention this time. No mobbing like the crazy Tree Swallows but she told me she wasn’t happy that I was peeking at her naked little babies.

After snapping some pics of the Catbirds I ventured over to check on the Blue birds and got mobbed by the Tree Swallows. There are still four eggs in the Bluebirds box. Heading over to the Tree Swallows I managed to get a pic as the mamma launched for attack.