Waiting for 70

My garden bird list is currently sitting at 69 and I'm wondering what bird will take me to 70. I've been hoping for a Brown Thrasher but for some reason I haven't seen one in the area. I'm sure if my bird calls were better I'd be able to add another 2 or 3 birds to my garden list. Maybe I'll get some Fall migrants moving through. What's your garden list at? What's your latest and greatest bird?

By the way, my 200 post mark/event has come and gone without me even noticing it. I'm pretty amazed that I have already posted over 200 posts - wow. I guess I'll celebrate when I reach 300.

It looks like most of my Tree Swallows have fledged, which means that they'll be leaving soon. Unlike some of my other birds, the Tree Swallows use the nesting box and then they move on. They start nesting relatively late (compared to my other garden birds) and they leave the garden pretty early. It will be sad to see them go, but I'm hopeful that they'll be back next year to announce my official start of Spring.

Bitter sweet squirrel

The owl box finally has some activity although it isn’t the feathered type. This afternoon my 4 year old accidentally switched the TV to the owlcam and she nearly jumped out of her skin when she noticed tiny little pink babies squirming around. Nope these little guys aren’t feathered, but they are still pretty cute. Generally squirrels are the enemy, especially during prime owl nesting season, but at the moment there’s a cease fire. In a funny way, it’s kinda nice to have something using the box for its intended purpose. Hopefully I’ll get some owls in the box next year – for now it’s a kick watching the squirrel mamma feeding her babies.