Another amazing video


Well as you can tell birding has been pretty slow but I thought I would share this amazing video I found.


Mixed sporting weekend: Boks lose, Nadal wins

Sleep? Who needs sleep when there's sport on TV. I woke up at 3:30 am on Saturday to watch and cheer for the SA rugby team (Springboks a.k.a Boks). Unfortunately it seems like my screaming really didn’t help and they succumbed to the New Zealand All Blacks. The Boks haven’t beaten the All Blacks in New Zealand for 10 years and I was really hoping that Saturday was going to be the day. We play the next game this Saturday and yes I’m again planning to wake up before the first Robin song. What makes this REALLY screwed up is that I have Tivo. My wife looked at me like I have three heads when I told her I was cheering for my team and that there’s something cool about watching it live. Wife: “You know they can’t hear you, right?” I’m still looking into this…

It turns out that Nadal didn’t need my support when he overcame Federer in what turned out to be the BEST game of tennis I have ever seen. Tennis isn’t very big in this area and I wonder if there are pockets of fanatics in the U.S. In SA tennis and more especially Wimbledon is VERY popular. Anyway, I couldn’t watch the final live (mulching duties) so I Tivo’ed it. I managed to get to the TV at about 8:30 and I settled in to watch the drama. Well it turns out that the game lasted pretty darn close to 5 hours….. I had to get up from time to time to reprimand the ankle biters, deal with the dogs and cat etc so I only got to bed at 2 am this morning. Again, I could have paused Tivo and watch the game later – but that wouldn’t be the same.

Yip, I’m strange and I think my birding fanaticism may be the least of my problems……