Favre drama divides the Packers' nation

The more you read the less you know

Obviously as a blogger I love technology and more specifically the internet. It seems like just about anything you need is now available on the internet including information. If you’ve been reading my blogging or even skimming through you’ll notice that the Brett Favre drama is at the top of my interest list at the moment. What has amazed me during the past few weeks is: a) the amount of information that is out there on the net and b) the huge amount of contradiction between the reports. Yes, we live in a new world and anyone with a PC and an internet connection can now voice their opinion and present their version of the truth. Sadly a lot of the ‘reports’ out there are merely opinion/speculation with some second or third hand evidence thrown in.

Don’t get me wrong, the Favre situation is more like a soap opera with very little real information floating around. This has made it VERY hard to get any sense of what will happen to Favre. Let me share some of the ‘news’ headlines with you to give you a sense of what’s being going on. Keep in mind that these headlines are all taken from the same time frame:
· Did Packers Offer Favre $20M to Stay Retired?
· Brett Favre May Take Packers $20 Million Offer, May Be Traded To Division Rival
· $20 million for Favre if he stays retired
· Brett Favre, Packers ordeal just plane messy; Jets still hanging in
· Report: Jets in talks to acquire Favre
· Jets interest in Favre said to be less than heated
· Jets Should Forget About Green Bay QB
· Favre turns down Tampa Bay and the Jets

The internet is awesome, but this illustrates that you can’t believe everything you read – especially not from one source. The irony is with more information we need to read more to filter through the garbage. In the case of Favre and the Packers, the truth is time will tell. I’m not sure if you ask Mr. Favre himself where he’ll be in a week that he’ll be able to tell you. One thing has remained constant – the Packers don’t want Favre back in the team and I think that’s a shame!


Favre vs. Packers on opening night - maybe baby

Yip this whole Favre situation is filled with speculation and counter speculation. I have the NFL channel on 24x7 and I am constantly scouting news articles and still I have no real sense of where Favre will end up.

Supposedly the Packers offered Favre as much as $20 million over several years to stayed retired. Hmm, no why can't I land a gig like that. On another note it appears that the Packers are considering trading Favre to a NFC North rival such as the Bears or the Vikings. From all reports it seems like Favre's #1 choice is the Vikings.

That makes my head spin! The guy has been with the Packers his whole career and the BIGGEST rivalry in the NFC is probably between the Packers and the Vikings. I know the Vikings are close to home and Brett knows some of the training staff/offensive strategy, but him going to the Vikings will be a MAJOR blow to all Packer fans as well as to many Vikings.

I still like Favre, although I think he was best off retiring after telling people he was going to. I think he retired too early, but once he made that decision he should have stuck with it. There will be something missing when he suits up for another team, but I'll still be watching every snap and hoping that he pulls off another miracle season. I also wish all the best for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers in particular. This is a messy situation, but life often is!


Favre is definitely coming back - maybe

Well the Favre-ring circus continues as Brett has officially filed for reinstatement. The NFL commissioner is expected to rubber stamp the request today and Favre will need to wait 24 hours to report to camp. In the meantime the Packers’ president has flown down to meet with Brett and his agent, supposedly to ask him not to report to camp while a trade is worked on. The fact that Brett has asked for reinstatement is seen as a move to action by Favre, as the Packers now need to resolve the issue in short order or pay Brett to stay away. I wish someone would pay me $13 million to stay away from work…..

What’s next? Who the heck knows – stay tuned! If you like conspiracy theories check this out.


Owl box empty

The squirrel family seems to have departed and the owl box is once again empty. One of my friends said that I should really refer to it as a squirrel box and a squirrel cam - I was less than impressed. Although the squirrel weren't the intended audience it was nice to see the owl cam in action and to follow the development of the little guys. I am hopeful that next year I'll be watching Screech owls not squirrels - time will tell.

Favre returns?

No room left on Lambeau field for Favre!

Pretty soon after announcing his retirement in March rumors started circulating that Favre was itching to come back. Favre said they were just rumors and the Packers didn’t comment saying there was nothing to report. Fast forward a couple of months and the Packers and Favre are in a full blown divorce. Favre is interested in coming back and he’s requested to be released, while the Packers are telling him that they’ve moved on and there is no spot for him on the roster. The Packers are backing their first round pick from 3 years ago - Aaron Rodgers. WOW, talk about a 360 turn around in one season. Favre took the Packers into the playoffs where we lost in overtime.
The Packers started training camp this weekend and Favre was asked by Ted Thompson not to attend while he looks for a team to trade Favre to. Obviously Favre is only interested in playing for a team with a shot at the Super Bowl, while the Packers won’t release him in case he goes to a NFC division rivals such as the Bears or the Vikings. By all accounts Favre would love to play for the Vikings as they are close to home and they have a realistic shot at the big time.

As a die-hard Packers and Favre fan I have such mixed feelings about this situation. Favre has said that the Packers management pushed him into making a decision before the draft. I don’t blame them, but at the same time you can’t blame Favre for feeling tired at the end of a long season. I also can’t blame the Packers for moving on, although it seems illogical to write off a guy like Favre with all that experience, especially considering how close you came to winning the ultimate prize in the NFL. Ok, let’s say you’re the Packers management and you decide to move on and you decide there is no room in the Inn for Mr. Favre. Is it fair to tie him down, only trading him to weaker non-divisional teams? Yip I know, its business and you can’t approach it from an emotional fan-based perspective.

What happens if they trade Favre to the Vikings and he hands them their first loss on opening night – not good. If you’re that worried about it, maybe you need the guy on YOUR team. The Favre saga continues and the two supposedly most interested teams (the Jets and Bucs) have played the discussions down, saying they are merely exploratory in nature. This begs the question: Will Favre be back and what will he be wearing?