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Quick way to get a divorce?


There was a lot of excitement around the first Jets game even though Favre was only watching from the sideline. I had mixed emotions watching the Packer icon dressed in Jets gear. I think it’s sad that he was kicked out of his football home, but at the same time I’m excited to see him play. Say what you will about the guy, but if you don’t enjoy watching him play then you’re not a true football fan.

The Jets had some flashes of brilliance although they looked pretty rusty in general. The Jets spent like drunken sailors during the off season and they seem to have a lot of good new talent. Having said that, Brett will need to fit into the offense and create chemistry with his new team mates. That's a lot to ask in 3 weeks.


Favre's a JET!

In the final turn that I didn't expect, Favre is being traded to the jets. I fully expected that he would go to the Bucs, but instead he's ended up on my back doorstep. The Jets are moving their practice facility as well as the stadium to New Jersey, so I guess Favre will be a local!


Favre saga: The EZ button

Boy, oh boy this article just hit the nail on the head!

Give Favre a sword already

The ugly he said, she said divorce appears to be heading to a final separation with Favre possibly being traded to either the Bucs or the Jets – with the Bucs being the most likely primarily because they have a better shot at a Super Bowl in the short run.

The reason that Brett won’t be back for the Packers is pretty straight forward from Favre’s perspective:
Brett: "We're at a stalemate… So they can say they welcome me back but, come on, the way they've treated me tells you the truth. They don't want me back, so let's move on."

McCarthy: "[Favre's] feeling was, based on the path that took us to this point, that he wasn't in the right mindset to play here… The football team is moving forward. The train has left the station . . . I have to keep the train moving."
So it looks like the train will be boarding shortly and possibly taking Favre off to become a buccaneer [would a sword be considered a WMD?] It will be interesting to see how Favre deals with Gruden’s famous pirate scowl and passion. Favre and Gruden will be a case of passion meets passion – will the explosion be Super Bowl magic? Only time will tell.


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (black female form)?

I am ashamed to admit that I know VERY little about butterflies although I LOVE watching them. The swallowtails are now regular visitors and I am trying to ID them. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (black female form)? What other butterflies are common in the North East?

Favre & weapons of mass destruction?

As we enter turn 76 in the Brett saga it would appear that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel – maybe. GB coach McCarthy met with Brett last night in an extended meeting that lasted 5 hours. The Packers are set to have a press conference today and there is speculation that some sort of decision will be made. Honestly I remain skeptical, although I hope that this gets resolved shortly. I still doubt that Brett will stay with GB, although trading options seem to be few and far between. Brett’s first choice, the Vikings have remained mum on whether they would be interested in acquiring Brett. To add more chaos to the situation, Ari Fleischer is now part of the circus acting as the new spin doctor. Hmm, maybe the Packers will claim that Brett has weapons of mass destruction and try to kick him out of the NFL. At this stage ANYTHING seems possible.


Favre Back: Video

Favre's back at Packers - trade could still happen

The great stink a.ka. the Favre saga continues with Favre returning to Green Bay. Yip, the guy changed his mind several times and definitely inconvenienced his team – no doubt. The Packers management haven’t fared any better first saying there is no spot for Brett, then saying they’ll trade him to a non-NFC rival team. They then changed their minds again saying they would trade him to an NFC team for the right price. While they were busy talking out the side of their mouth, they went ahead and offered Brett $20-25 million to stay retired. Excuse me? Isn’t this game about the fans? Isn’t football about connecting with the fans? Does bribing a hall of fame QB that holds pretty much ALL the records to stay away from the game, sound like the best thing for the Packers and for all the NFL fans around the world? Personally I think the bribe stinks and it’s an embarrassment and an insult to all the fans.

No surprisingly Brett turned the Packers bribe down and he reported to Green Bay yesterday. Now suddenly the Packers have started saying that Brett may be able to compete for the starting position. They were adamant the whole time that Aaron Rodgers was their man and that Brett would not be able to compete for the position. What changed? Holy cow – can these guys make up their minds? No wonder Brett has decision making issues – maybe it’s a result of being around these guys for so long. I’d love to say that I have an idea what will come out the mouth of Thompson and co’s mouth next, but frankly these guys don’t seem to know what to do with Brett. At this stage it wouldn’t surprise me if Brett is the starting QB against the Vikings, beats them and then they trade him …. to the Vikings. Come on – now THAT would be funny.