Favre's a class act

The divorce with the Packers was ugly and it left both sides a little tarnished. What remains clear is that Brett Favre loves football and he's the real deal. In case you doubt this fact check out this story:



Feather ID needed

I found this feather in the garden over the weekend and I was wondering what other people thought it could be. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Screech owl garden visit

Last night I was watching the Olympics when my pager (fire department) went off. Apparently someone was using their clothing dryer at 11:30 at night and now they smelled something burning. Oh well better go check it out. I jumped in the car and dashed down to the fire house, jumped on the truck etc etc. The good news is that luckily it was a minor dryer fire and we pretty much just stood around looking good. I got back home after shooting the breeze with the rest of the gang and I decided I was starving. The only thing I could find that looked remotely like food was popcorn. Oh well popped some popcorn and chowed down while watching another random Olympic sport (apparently anything that remotely looks like a sport can get you a gold medal).

I finally headed to bed at 1:30 and as I was brushing my teeth I heard a Screech Owl! HOLY SMOKES an owl in my garden!!!!!!! I listened very carefully and realized the Screech owl was calling from the location of the nest box. Unfortunately the owl box is currently being used by a family of squirrels and I highly doubted that the owl had evicted them. The owl called for a good 5 minutes and when it stopped I ran through to the living room and I fired up the owl cam to see what was happening in the box. As expected the squirrel family was happily napping in the box…. As I was watching the squirrels and listening to the night sounds I realized that I was a little out of breath – wow this was exciting. Hearing an owl in my yard in August is like talking about football in June!

Although the owl wasn’t in the owl box, I know that it knows about the box and maybe it will move in when the squirrels move out. I’ll keep listening now that I know there's an owl around and hopefully I’ll hear him/her again.