Do me a favor and just go away

The media is constantly looking for a story. What do you do if no story exists? You still have to publish or talk about something, so what are you going to do? Hey, let’s just invent a story. Let’s warp what’s left of the truth and make a story out of it. The entire media spectrum is guilty of this to some degree, but sports’ reporting seems to be pretty high up on the list. This season Brett Favre has been the target for much of the speculation and story invention. The guy has one bad game with a couple of underthrown passes and suddenly his arm is washed up. I read news ‘reports’ saying that Favre can’t throw his long bombs anymore because his arm is so sore. This story stemmed from him saying that his arm was a little fatigued the first few weeks with the Jets. DAH, the guy missed practice camp and he was getting used to throwing in an NFL environment again. The funny thing was that Favre threw a zillion passes (including big bombs) in his next game….so much for the washed up arm.

I then saw Terry Bradshaw on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and he flatly said that Favre had come back to the NFL to spite the Packers. REALLY? Anyone who watched the game last night and the performance of Brett Favre must be smoking their sox if they think that this guy is fueled by spite. When asked after the game if this game represented his reason for coming back Favre said ‘Absolutely!’ The guy loves football. Was he annoyed at the fact that the Packers didn’t want him back after sooooo many years and consecutive starts – hell yes, wouldn’t you be? He didn’t come out of retirement to be spiteful, he came back to play football. The fact that he went to the Jets, a traditionally WEAK team shows that he wasn’t interested in revenge. If he wanted to, he could have held out and the Packers would have eventually let him go. There is no way the Packers were going to let Favre stand on the sidelines and pay him the million of dollars they owed him. Also, can you think what a distraction this would have been for the team – no way that happens. He could very easily have held out and the Packers would have released him at the beginning of the season. In that case, he may well have been heading to a conference rival such as the Vikings (men in purple) or the Bears.

Showeee, ok so I vented. I doubt anyone is still there, but I least I got it off my chest. It really bugs me when the media makes up stories about people who just love what they do. If you watch a Favre game, you’ll clearly see that the guy loves football and he has an immense passion and sense of fun for the game. Yes I know, the media often talks about this and people get sick of it. The fact is, he is a big kid that loves throwing the pig skin around. It may not sell papers or spike up the rating for your Fox show, but it’s the truth. Do us all a favor, if there isn’t a story don’t try and make one up – please!

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Jets vs. Patriots

Thursday night is the BIG game for Favre and the Jets. On the line is the top ranking in the AFC East. "Until we beat these guys, knock 'em off the top, they'll always be the team to beat," Favre said. "I know exactly what this game means, the weight it carries."
Make sure you catch the game on the NFL channel!


Poll reminder: Meeting online friends

A gentle reminder to vote on this month's poll, now up on my blog. This month I'm interested to see how many people have met some in person, that they initially met online. Here are more details about the topic.


The Super Bowl of Birding

It’s very appropriate that someone who loves football and birds as much as I do will be participating in the Super Bowl of Birding. The event is held in Massachusetts in January, so it should be a chilly but exciting trip.

Luckily for me I’m entering the world of competitive birding with an amazingly experienced and talented team:
Patrick from The Hawk Owl’s Nest
Corey from 10,000 birds
N8 from the Drinking Bird (status: definite maybe)
And lastly our fearless leader, Christopher from the Picus Blog

As you can tell our team is made up 100% by bloggers and we are currently working with a NYC marketing firm to come up with an appropriate branding identity. Ok so maybe not so much with a marketing firm, but more a discussion amongst the team members. If you have any cool ideas for a team name please drop me a comment. Another thing you may have noticed is that the team is testosterone loaded, which is a result of availability rather than design. Several female bird bloggers were invited, but couldn’t make the trip.

I am very excited about making my way up to MA to check out all the winter gems. This year appears to be a great irruptive year for Snowy owls and Christopher has already spotted several owls including 3 owls over the weekend. Come on baby, let the games begin!