Christmas time - well almost.....

It's almost Christmas so I figured I'd help get you in the festive spirit. I REALLY like this song even though it's not a traditional song. What Xmas music blows your hair back? BTW they mention that there won't be snow in Africa - what about Mt. Kilimanjaro - that has snow 365 doesn't it? ;-)


Counting down the days

I'm going owling - raining or not!

Nope I'm not going to see Hawk Owls, Great Grays or Snowy's - I wish! I'm going out for a quick owling trip tomorrow morning to see if I can track down Long eared owls, short eared owls and if I'm VERY lucky a Saw whet. I have a spot in Mercer county where I've seen all three, but last year I was unable to track down the Saw whet, although other birders did see one which hung around for a couple of days and then moved on to another spot. Last year I spent MANY hours going through Cedar trees looking for the Saw whet without any luck. The trips weren’t a bust as I did see Short eareds and Long Eareds on trips in Feb and March. This will be my first trip to the area in December so it will be interesting to see what’s there.

I was thinking about taking my video camera, but it looks like it's going to be raining so I may just take my camera and see if I can shoot a couple of decent pics. As with any owling trip it's the luck of the draw and the LEOs may not be using the roost this year. I'm pretty sure that I should at the very least run into the SEOs which will make the day worth it. I'll keep you posted on what I find. BTW, if you know of any owls in our area (New Jersey) please drop me a comment. I am specifically looking for Great Horned as I was unable to locate a nesting site last year. I will read the comment and not publish it to keep the info private.