The 1% rule

The 1% rule is pretty well known concept when it comes to developing engaging online training/community programs. The rule is based on statistical research and states that for any online programs, 90% of users will read-only, 9% will make limited contributions (comment) and 1% will actively contribute content. I would assume that this rule would apply very accurately to blogs and I often wonder what the 90% of the readers think of my blog and what attracts them. I regularly check out my FEEDJIT traffic map to see where people are coming from and what search terms brought them to my site.

Today’s search terms were:
  • great horned owl box
  • getting screech owls to use boxes
  • mike hendrickson sax zim
  • Short-eared Owl canon 400mm 5.6
  • bird box
  • screech owl" nesting boxes
  • how to track down owls
  • screech owl boxes

Wow, sure looks like there are a lot of people looking to build some owl boxes this winter – lucky Screech owls. I wish each of these visitors told me their story, I bet there are some amazing stories floating around on the internet….

Do you ever wonder about the 90%? Do you track your visitors? Are you part of the 90% ;-)?


noflickster said...

I'm a 90-90 9-9 1-1 in the blogosphere I'm in the 90% on 90% of the blogs I visit, in the 9% on 9% of the blogs I visit, and in the 1% when it comes to the blogs I write.

Hmmm, that came out a lot clearer in my head!

But I bet you're right, that breakdown probably maps pretty well in the blogosphere.

I do sporadically look at sitemeter to see who's hitting my blog and how they got there, which is sometimes an interesting array of searches and sometimes a seasonal burst of queries: WW Crossbill has been popping up a lot recently. Most interesting was someone from Norway searching on "nude" "beach" and "birds." I'm flattered I was in the results.

Owlman said...

Hmm, nude beaches I must have missed that post in your blog ;-) I think for the most part the 1% rule is pretty accurate although I often comment on blogs I don't regularly read because I see the post title (often owls) in Powerguides and I then visit the blog. Generally if there is interesting content on owls I'll drop a quick comment.

Thanks for popping in Mike.

Susan Gets Native said...

My favorite search term that I came across from a hit to my blog was:
"girl eaten by raptor".
That just rocks.

Owlman said...

Sorry Mike, girl eaten by raptor beats your nude beaches! Thanks for sharing Susan.

noflickster said...

Ah, that's what I love about searches: there is so much more just underneath the surface! Just because someone was looking for a nude beach with birds doesn't mean someone didn't get eaten by something.

Of course, just because a girl may (or may not) have been eaten by a raptor doesn't mean there wasn't nudity involved.

The wandering of my imagination tells me it's very close to the weekend . . . and I know what my weekend's writing assignment entails.

Drew said...

I often wonder what the 90% think and whether they area return visitors. I like to keep track of my visitors and what they are searching for but don't have anything as interesting as what others have posted.

Found your site thru The Hawk Owl's Nest. Good luck with the Superbowl of Birding, thats always sounded like a fun competition.

Owlman said...

Hi Drew,

Thanks for popping in. I saw that you were involved with the Saw Whet research in PA and I dropped you a line. I hope that we can get in touch as I'd love to be a part of it if I can.