Back from the Superbowl of birding

Well we're all back to our place of residence after a whirlwind weekend of INTENSE birding. During the competition we had to beg our fearless task master (Christopher) to stop for bathroom breaks and we made it through the entire day without a coffee break. Bear in mind our birding day started at around 3:45 am and ended at 5:00pm...am I complaining? Not at all! All of the guys got along like a house on fire and we pretty much never stopped laughing and chatting even while braving the bitter New England elements.

From a personal perspective I learnt a lot from this great group of knowledgeable birders and I hope to do more birding with them soon. I need to do a final tally on my lifers, although I estimate that I got somewhere in the region of 10-12! Today capped off the perfect weekend with me and N8 getting lifer Snowy Owls and N8 getting an obstructed view of a magnificent Long Eared Owl lifer.

The remote blogging (13 posts) via my cell phone was a lot of fun and based on the comments, it seems like you enjoyed hearing about our trails, tribulations and triumphs! One highlight was taking the Northern Hawk Owl using Corey’s scope and my cell phone. Lining the cell phone up to the scope was precarious and time consuming at best, although I think the result is incredible. I've also received some positive feedback on the video, which clearly shows JUST how cold it was on the coast.

In summary, the trip was awesome and it was fantastic hanging out with people who share your fanatical passion for something that the general public sadly doesn’t always understand. N8, Christopher, Corey and Patrick are incredible birders and I’d encourage you to check out their blogs as I’m sure they’ll have a lot to blog about over the next few days. As for me, I have to wrap my mind around the trip and sort through my zillions of pictures to share all the amazing moments with you in more detail. I’ll be back soon after a night of well deserved sleep.

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