Garden bird #76 - Bald Eagle!

Today I had to run home real quick and as I was pulling into the driveway I noticed two raptors circling in the breeze above the house. Something told me they weren’t Turkey Vultures and as one circled, I noticed a white tail. I zoomed into the driveway and jump out of the car. I looked up and saw two magnificent Bald Eagles circling right above me. I sprinted up the stairs, burst into the house past a very puzzled looking dog and grabbed my camera. I figured the Eagles would be gone by the time I got back out. As luck would have it they were just starting to make their way out of here. I did manage to snap a few ‘evidence’ pictures. I guess this means that garden bird #76 will be a Bald Eagle – not too shabby!!!


Lynne said...

Not shabby AT ALL!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! How cool is that?! Lucky you!
-D in Ramsey, NJ

letspaintnature.com said...

Hi Owlman! Found you through Monarch. I'm enjoying your enthusiasm for your love of birds and taking my time reading through your posts! Very interesting :)

Owlman said...

Hi Lynne and D, thanks for popping in. It was so amazing because my heart was pumping in my chest with exciting. Seeing a Bald Eagle in this area is pretty wesome - having a pair above your house is out of this world. The timing was perfect!

Chris, much appreciated. I so appreciate it when people get some value out of my ramblings. I love birds and birding and sharing it with other people is a great joy. Blogging also gets me out and about to come up with new material.

Patrick Belardo said...


Susan Gets Native said...

Show off.

: )