I just saw a great Gray Owl!

Well on YouTube! I have MAJOR Geographic envy at the moment! The folks in MN are seeing a whole bunch of Great Gray and Hawk Owls - so I figured I would share the beauty with you. There is NO WAY you can tell me that this owl isn't MAGNIFICENT. I would compare this bird's beauty to that of a wolf hands down - wow.


Mel said...

Don't worry, that makes two of us!
All Youtube for me too :(

BLRem said...

Wow....this just took my breath away. Beauty, grace and serenity....the perfect bedtime lullaby.
Thanks. :)

Gallicissa said...

They are pretty amazing birds. Thanks for sharing.

Gallicissa said...

check this out:

Lynne said...

Hey Owlman- you need to come to Minnesota for the Sax-Zim Bog Winter Bird Festival in February. It's the second year for this festival and I'm signed up again. Last year was great and this year looks to be even better for owls.
Honestly- If you could get yourself to Minneapolis I'd pick you up and get you to the Bog. Mike Hendrickson is a great guy, fabulous birder and the best guide for northern Minnesota.

kyle said...

Hey again,
last time we talked we had a conversation about cameras. I purchased a 450d( canon xsi) and 100-300 mm f5.6 lens
I got some amazing short/ ear rough leg pictures. check em out

Owlman said...

Mel > YouTube is amazing and at least we get to see these amazing birds take life...almost

Barbara > Glad I put you to sleep ;-)

Gallicissa > That video is hysterical - thanks

Lynne > I would love to take you up this year but cash is tight - maybe a rain check? I'll be ignoring your blog in Feb because I'm sure you'll have a LOT of owls this year.

What exactly happens during the festival? I assume they do guided drives around the bog? How many people come to it?

Kyle> Honestly these are some of the best SEO pics that I've seen. Where did you take 'em? Are you using the Sigma lens? I often wonder whether my lens is so slow to focus because of the lens itself or the body I'm using (original digital rebel). I think it's just the lens in all honesty. I'd love to hear more details about this owl outing and your camera setup. BTW, would you mind if I post a few of the pics on my blog and point people to your Flickr site? I'd love for people to see them and they may not read all the comments. Obviously I'll credit you for the pics. Let me know.

Thanks all for popping in and commenting - as always MUCH appreciated!

Kyle said...

hey, Im a fifteen year old from westchester New york. We went up north to a big farm. I would be thankful if you posted the pictures. I took a lot more pictures just need to get around to processing them. Thank you,
p.s. i have a canon usm 100-300
it works really well, a lot better than i thought.

Lynne said...

Here's your raincheck Owlman. You'd love Minnesota in February. Last year was the first year of the festival and there were about 160 people from all over the US. The field trips went by bus for the whole day and there were several guides on each bus. There was plenty of time at each site and the bus was always available if one got too cold. Each day ended with a fab church style dinner and a fun program.

Eve said...

I had the great pleasure of photographing one of these beautiful birds in the wild Owlman...they are just amazing!