Regardless of whether you like Barack Obama or what you think of his politics, you still had to have a sense of the momentous moment in history that yesterday represented. The crowds of people in D.C. especially those along the route back to the White House were spectacular. The spontaneity of the people running along with the motorcade was truly moving. That scene reminded me a lot of the release of Nelson Mandela back in the 90’s. Both scenes had a palpable sense of hope and joy.
It will be interesting to see what the next four years holds for our country. There won’t be much of a honeymoon for the Obama administration and his speech clearly pointed to the fact that he’s planning to get straight to work.


BLRem said...

Well said! No matter what your political beliefs it is hard not to at least have hope for this new era in our government and more than anything, that is what our country needs right now.

Good luck to you and your team this weekend in the Superbowl of birding! I am off to FL tonight but will look forward to reading about the outcome when I return. No matter what, I'm sure there will be a lot of fun to be had with the members assembled! But please don't judge our state on this bitter cold Jan. weather....come again in summer and you will love it (although Jersey has been pretty bad also, this season, eh?)!

PS Congrats on your Steelers winning...and of course I am pleased with Kurt and the Cardinals... Let's hope for a great game!

Owlman said...

Hi Barbara,

I'm trying to get rid a nagging cold and I hope it doesn't slow me down this weekend. Regardless I am planning on having a blast and learning from the best.

Yeah, NJ has been pretty miserable this winter with lotsa cold windy days.

I'm looking forward to the SuperBowl and I'll be happy for either team.

Have fun in FL!